Work Everywhere

We are at a strange crossroads.  We have immediacy through digital devices and have had myths of telecommuting for years.  Yet we have companies like Yahoo! (with a lot of public fanfare) and Coursera (with no public fanfare) insisting that employees have to share face time and seat time with being present.

In this series of modules and discussions that Maremel is presently building, we are working with companies and classes to examine key issues:

  • How do I build work systems and expectations that let me not just work from home, but work anywhere I want?
  • What are the digital tools that best let a group work “everywhere” together?
  • How do we hook our systems and processes together other than through the tyranny of 24/7 email?
  • How do we deal with diverse systems and expectations?
  • How do we become more explicit in our social expectations on working together?
  • How do we redesign spaces for flexible work teams, other than giving them high ceilings and dog parks (a la a recent Silicon Beach real estate presentation)?

Our recent work has included creating distributed training for one university and running workshop sessions for a publishing companies on team-based information processes.

If you would like workshops and discussions for your organization, please contact us.