Reimagine Your Creative Career Journey

III. Connecting with Jobs, Roles, and Organizations

Researching Skills in Jobs and Roles

Researching Skills in Jobs and Roles

For the next step, I’d like you to find 5 specific jobs — open now — that you might want to have in 3-5 years. I’m not asking for something in general. I’m asking that you find a real job listing that is available to apply for online NOW but that you might want to have 3-5 years from now in your life. Save the link where you find them, as there will be another step that you will take with each of them in a short bit.

Where might you find jobs?

Different sectors have different job boards and resources.

For example, if you are interested in music but not interesting in performance, there would be various sets of resources. Looking at non-performative music careers as an example, we could start with the Job Board at Music Business Worldwide at this link. We also have a shared group of music resources discoverable at this link.

For your own sectors of interest, you might get an idea of types of jobs from industry trade publications, and then can go to those company pages and look at “Careers” or “Jobs.”

Other Resources:

You can go to, LinkedIn, or other spaces.

Where do you NOT go?

That’s an interesting question. Some sites are really clickbait for university applications or job application networks. For example, in music, don’t go to , which is just a lead generation site for schools. Other sites are owned by,, and other sites that are funnels to give you general, unresearched information and get you to move along a marketing funnel. Who owns the site you are looking at?


Question to ponder: What are all these for-profit companies’ business models in this space? (Yes, she’s asking about business models and how companies make money again.)

We’ll look at that in a few more lectures.

Don’t move ahead until you have chosen 5 real jobs, with the links and text. Keep looking. You don’t have to be fully qualified for them now. Aim for 3-5 years out.