Reimagine Your Creative Career Journey

V. Reflections and Your Road Ahead

My 5-Year Plans

My 5-Year Plans

So far, you have looked at your skills, environments, people, and core story. You have looked at how you might combined interests and build skills. You also have looked at how your own beliefs might be part of the challenge.

Now will we will be building stories for you for your future. This can be a much more expansive exercise, but we’ll get started with some core questions for you to play with.

Yes, play.


Print out the worksheet at this Link on Three Maps of Your Futures – design and reflection (from the Designing your Life book).

In the first set of boxes, write out what will happen in your life over the next 5 years if nothing changes from your current pathway. You can be as detailed as you like, and can take it to another piece of paper.


In the next set of boxes, write out what your five-year plan will be if that first plan can’t happen for some reason. This may be VERY hard for some of you who are on very specific roads. If you can’t perform, for example, what might be your backup plan? If you can’t launch your business? If you can’t get that creative role you plan on?

In the last set of boxes, write your five-year plan IF MONEY, RESOURCES, AND TIME WERE NO OBJECT. If you had all the money you needed to make your plan work, and other resources were available, what would you actually do?

What are the differences between your 3 five-year journeys?

What really limits you?