Gigi Louisa Johnson and Storm Gloor will be sharing a session on “Futures and Challenges: Music Cities & Scenes” at SXSW Music 2020.  We will be sharing resources and ideas at this web page.

What are our Future Music Cities and Communities?

SXSW has showcased innovative Music Cities and their leaders for years now. Many cities have stepped into new organizing models for local change — and these have both worked and stumbled. We will discuss with the audience the impacts of these movements in both big cities and small scenes. We will share examples of best practices and big changes vs. policy recommendations, including Night Mayor implementations and ways small cities are organizing around their live music scenes. 

The session will prompt the audience to think about their own work and communities with examples of how venues and organizations are programming, co-creating, organizing, and educating artists for a great, healthy local music scene.

Frictions, Gaps, Power, and Communities

Many cities and communities have done “music city studies” – take a look at the map to our right, and studies at this link.

What parts of these studies can you see in your own communities?




New Combinations



Inspirations from other Ecosystems


Emergent Structures and Support

SXSW Session

Join us at SXSW Music in Austin, TX.  We will share the audio recording once it has been shared. 

Mar. 19, Austin Conv. Center

5:00PM – 6:00 pm


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