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You don’t need another online class that packages predone material on a weeky schedule.  You need to explore what is possible, what tools are out there, and what people are real thought leaders in changing worlds of work, tech, creativity, and innovation.  

Maremel creates programs and events that help you change the way you see the world ahead and tools to help you make better bets on your future(s).


We believe that there isn’t “a” future.  We are co-creating and betting on futures all the time, but often with dim lighting and muddy water ahead.  

Since 2001, Maremel works with partners, programs, and leadership teams to look at weak signals, future bets, and long-term trends to see how we can work together for expanded futures.  

We are relaunching some of our long-time programs and building new ones on the future(s) of work, especially creative work, in an AI / iOT / ML / XR / ?? world.  


Gigi Louisa Johnson

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